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Egg Interactive
Clifford Thames
Bilkent Uni

[ Work I did here : BTA / / HSBC / LTB / Peugeot ]

Title: Senior Interactive Designer
Date: April 2001 - November 2002
Location: @ Goodge Street- LONDON

Circle had seen my CV through a friend and after an interview I was hired as a Senior Interactive Designer on a contract basis for two weeks. However, my previous experience of having worn many hats really came to the fore and as soon as Circle realised that I could handle anything they could throw at me, the initial two weeks stretched into a month, then two, until I clocked up a very satisfying and enjoyable 6 months at Circle. I designed web sites for HSBC and the London Tourist Board, authored Flash movies for Peugeot and created multi-media CD-ROMs for Circle and the British Tourist Authority using such diverse tools as Flash, Macromedia Director, Adobe After Effects, Discreet Logic Combustion and SoundEdit in combination.

ACHIEVEMENT: The fact that I could handle so many different aspects of a project at the same time meant that other people could be assigned to other projects and that more time could be put aside for final testing and refining as projects were completed slightly ahead of schedule.