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Egg Interactive
Clifford Thames
Bilkent Uni

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Title: Senior Interactive Designer
Date: May 2000 - February 2001
Location: @ Wandsworth - LONDON was my first permanent job in the UK and was a very ambitious new start-up aimed squarely at the teen-age market through a massive web site, a cable TV channel and a radio station. My work here was in three stages: initially, I was heavily involved in the creation of branding and corporate id and did a lot of concept work and prototyping. Then we started designing and developing the actual site, which at one point, reached a massive 5000 pages, each page written by a large team of content creators and content managed by us, the interactive team. During this period of the initial launch, the technical knowledge I had previously gained in web mastering and UNIX administration came in to play and I was able to help in the trouble shooting and optimisation of the work flow by setting up a LINUX based staging server and I was also able to solve a serious DNS related issue in conjunction with our web host. Finally, I designed various Flash interstitials, helped author various games and online activities using Flash and ShockWave and created PowerPoint and Director based promotional material.

ACHIEVEMENT: During the initial start-up period I often stayed on late and brought work home as I felt personally responsible for the success of the venture. Also, technical know-how unrelated to design helped me to solve certain problems that would otherwise have taken a long time to resolve.