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Title: Land Forces Corporal
Date: November 1996 - July 1997
Location: Turkish Land Forces Academy @ Istanbul - TURKEY

Military service is obligatory in Turkey and being of Turkish nationality (as well as English) I had to get this out of the way at some point. I was drafted into the Ground Forces and after two months of infantry training, I was posted to the Ground Forces Academy in Istanbul. Here, apart from military duties (such as night guard and patrol duty with live ammunition), I helped give Windows 95 and MS Office training to the students at the academy and designed various confidential PowerPoint presentations for the General who headed the Academy which I was very surprised and thrilled to find myself presenting at a top secret meeting of the Turkish Chiefs of Staff at Ankara. I was a soldier for a grand total of 8 months.

ACHIEVEMENT: I was not only honorably discharged but was also handed a letter of commendation by the General of the Ground Forces Academy for "efforts beyond the call of duty" (we often had to work in excess of 72 hours in one go).