The Hat Emporium
Target Job


Egg Interactive
Clifford Thames
Bilkent Uni



Skill Name Skill Level Experience
Bilingual in English And Turkish Expert 37 years
French Intermediate 20 years
Graphic Design / Typography / Print Expert 14 years
Corporate ID and Branding Expert 14 years
New Media Expert 7 years
3D Modeling and Animation Advanced 6 years
Video Graphic Design / 2D Animation Expert 6 years
File formats/compression/optimisation/palettes Expert 9 years
HTML Expert 7 years
DHTML Expert 4 years
CSS Advanced 2 years
JavaScript Advanced 6 years
PERL Intermediate 5 years
UNIX Administration (AIX, IRIX) Advanced 10 years
LINUX Administration Advanced 7 years
Apache Web Server Intermediate 6 years
Mac OS 9 / Apple Macintosh Guru 15 years
Mac OS X Expert 2 years
DOS / Windows (inc 98, NT and 2000) Advanced 15 years
Adobe Photoshop Guru 14 years
Adobe ImageReady Expert 3 years
Adobe Illustrator Advanced 7 years
Adobe After Effects / Premier Expert 7 years
Media Cleaner Pro Advanced 5 years
Macromedia Dreamweaver Expert 6 years
Macromedia Fireworks Advanced 4 years
Macromedia Flash / ActionScript Expert 4 years
Macromedia Director / Lingo Expert 7 years
Macromedia FreeHand Guru 10 years
Macromedia Fontographer Expert 8 years
Macromedia SoundEdit Expert 8 years
Discreet Logic Combustion Expert 5 years
Apple QuickTime Expert 8 years
Maxxon Cinema 4D XL Advanced 4 years
Steinberg Cubase Intermediate 5 years
Propellerheads Reason Advanced 2 years
Microsoft Office Advanced 10 years
Barebones BBEdit Expert 5 years
Quark XPress Expert 8 years